Monday, April 6, 2009

Viburnum rufidulum


Rusty black-haw is large shrub/small tree native to the Southeast from Kansas to Florida. It has large (2-4") glossy leaves with rusty looking trichomes (hairs) on the petioles and young shoots. The white flowers occur in flat-topped clusters typical of viburnums. The fruit are black and berry-like. If they aren't eaten by wildlife, they dry up into little "raisins". The leaves turn colors in the fall although the picture I have depicting the fall color was taken in Austin and the specimens in Friendswood may vary slightly.

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  1. This shrub is a very popular with our customers in the nursery TN. We wholesale quantities available for immediate delivery anywhere in the States. This shrub can be a evergreen or deciduous shrub. Standing 8-12 feet high, is even wider than high, giving a more horizontal than most shrubs. It is susceptible to pruning so it can be pruned to form a small tree or pruned to serve as an ornamental shrub. Either way the Mariessii Viburnum is a fine plant.

    Double Fire Viburnum