Sunday, April 5, 2009

Coreopsis tinctoria


Asteraceae is commonly referred to as the "sunflower family" and is one of the largest of all plant families. It contains all the flowers that look like sunflowers, that is, they have infloresences referred to as a "capitulum" or head composed of a disc of petal-less flowers (disc flowers) surrounded by a ring of petaled flowers (ray flowers) with one more big petals. While most people refer to the head as one flower, it is really an inflorescence of many flowers.

Plains coreopsis is a common roadside flower that you'll see pretty much anywhere in Texas. It grows as a bushy plant a foot or so tall and wide. Depending on the area, the flowers may be yellow or yellow with a burgundy center or if you're really lucky, you'll see ones that are completely burgundy.

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